Monday, 2 March 2009

Plot outline

Oh and all my characters in the previous post still need names by the way. Anyway heres a plot outline for the story, point by point, as you can tell there are some holes in it that need filling, I'm currently trying to find something to take out- its probably to long at the moment.

At this point the main characters name is Chip- thats definately subject to change.

-Chip is running dramatically down a street
-Reveal that he's being chased
-Chip turns a corner, pauses, then shoots straight upwards
-The 2 army soldiers arrive in the alley, annoyed at losing Chip
-We see his point of view high above the city
-Cut to flashbacks of his origin:
~Chip wakes up in a lab, greeted by a menacing general hovering over him
~Chip panics
~Cut to shot of a heart moniter, showing that his heart is racing, suddenly the equipment blows up
~The room is engulfed in the explosing
~Cut to a shot of Chip stumbling through a burning lab, behind him prisoners attack the doctors
~Shot of a furious general
-Back to Chip in the air, a close up on his head
-He's hit from behind by a missle
-Plumets to the ground
-Lands in a dumpster
-Groggily gets up to see 2 of the army units standing over him
-He Beats them easily, dispacting the second by shooting lightning out of his hand to his own surprise
-Zoom and and the screen becomes a computor screen, revealing that hes being watched by the general, who is not pleased.

thats a possible and probably realistic ending- going on the fact that i can animate a shot a day, meaning it should be about 30 shots long. I'l post the additional story, that is beginning to seem like to much now, later.

However I think its clear from this that there is a lack of character development that need to be adressed- I'm looking at you here Liam.

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