Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Alias 23

This is the cover to Alias #23 (minus the logos) with the pannels in the background by Mark Bagley and the foreground portrait by Davis Mack, written by Brian Michael Bendis. The issue itself deals with the 'secret origin' of the lead character- Jessica Jones, a retired superhero. Bagley himself draw several issues in the series (although not this one) but as far as I can find the art in this cover is original and not re-used from an earlier page. The issue deals with the reality of a girl getting to grips with her own powers- giving a realistic reaction in a fantasy setting. This is typified wonderfully by the contrast in styles shown by the clasically heroic comic book expression against the gritty realism of the painting. Thats about as technical as an analysis of mine can get- what I really love about the image is David Mack's paintwork, the tones and lighting are perfect but he has the confidence to keep the strokes loose which is I think what gives it it's life- and where Alex Ross' art begins to feel stiff.

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