Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Email correspondence

From Liam:

I don't know if you got my message but the 'new' underlying plot for the animation is that 'chip' is on the run from the Nexus. He has returned to the neighbourhood of his youth and is trying to get to this one person who always beleived there was more to him than just a no-good crook.

He sees murders as the lowest form of people and thats exactly how he sees Nexus, he kicks butt, guided by the enigmatic Mr Meaner who helps him get to the person he is after. However 'someone' read as Mr Meaner secretly alerts Nexus of his destination and he is tracked there and interupted during his reunion. During the skirmish in the room Mr Meaner convinces Chip that the only way he can protect the important person is if he crosses the one line he has put upon himself--which he does--Chip kills. And just like Mr Meaner says he saves the day. Except the important person has seen CChip kill and can never see him in the same light. She has lost what little faith she had in him. He tries to explain but its all excuses shes heard before--she runs away from him--leaving Chip alone in the room with Mr Meaner.

Mr Meaner explains to the weeping Chip, that he is a weapon, and that he was foolish for thinking he could be anything else. THE END

Tell me what you think.

My reply:

Dude that sounds awesome, it really does. But its waaaay more than 30 shots (altho if i have time id like to draw some of it as a comic). Problem is the animation is taking way longer than i had hoped meaning that i'm just starting the origin sequence. Even the the end that i had envisioned may have been to ambitious and i may have to have chip fall from the sky after the orgin flashback, put up a short fight and get shot with a trank, then cutting to a shot of the general saying bring him in. if i do that then id insert the general (unrevealed until the last shot) throughout the film giving orders. Not sure yet, I'm weaiting til I'm near the end of the flashback sequence to decide based on time I have left.

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