Sunday, 8 March 2009

1st script installment

I have had a working script but after several conversations with a writer friend of mine (Liam Gray) gave me this draft of the 1st few shots assuring me that there would be more to come every day. I think this makes it glaringly clear why he is the writer in our partnership if you look at the comic I produced on my own. I am a little nervous about having a mild swear word in there so this may be edited a little later but I am so pleased with this.

(Chip is running dramatically down a street)
CAP: Sometimes I wonder if it was all worth it. I can't tell you how many nights I spent huddled up in that cold dark cell dreaming of today--but thats all it was wasnt it--a dream.
CAP 2: A childish naive dream for another hopeless fool in way over his head...

(Reveal that he's being chased)
CAP: What is freedom anyway... just another illusion... another lie... thats all my life seems to be these last few weeks--one huge stinking lie after another.
SOLDIER1: "Target in sight vector niner-niner, requesting immediate backup."
SOLDIER2: "We're reading an etheric pulse he's about to--"

(Chip turns a corner, pauses, then shoots straight upwards)
CAP: Souless bastards... everywhee I turn there they are... they're murders thats what they are!--Murders!

(The 2 army soldiers arrive in the alley, annoyed at losing Chip)
SOLDIER1: [distressed/underbreath] "It was never supposed to be used this way..."
SOLDIER2: "ATTENTION--Attention Black Feather Squad be on the ready--the Freelancer has entered your airspace."

(We see his point of view high above the city)
CAP: I can hear them all, like tiny echoing voices in the back of my mind--talking all at once but with nothing to say...
CAP2: Can't anyone else see how pointless it all is! I just--I just need a minute to drown it all out--to drown out the voices--
MILITARY RADIO TRANSM: Black Feather to Talon 12: We're in possition and activating the neuro-scambler-. Hope this chump likes baby food heh.
CHIP: "No--No--I won't let you take that too!--I wont!!"

(Chip clutches at his head as he is mentally assulted by an electromagnetic pulse that causes both his internal and external divices to go haywire)

(Side note; I love that Liam used a neuro-scrambler as both the reason he launches into his origin flashback and is hit by a missile. Really brilliantly connects the dots and makes the sequence make sence.)

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