Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Art Of The World Of Warcaft

H.L Davis, BRADY GAMES; 1 edition (December 21, 2005)
It's not often that a videogame merits it's own art of book, and this isn't even a game that I've really played. It was recommended to me by a friend who lent me his copy (at a hefty 210 pages I wsn't going to buy it on a whim) but I was glad that I did. The amount of ideas packed into the book is nothing short of stunning, and whilst various art styles were showcased effectivly it was only the final design that were represented. I would have liked more in development work and noted to accompany them. Whilst many of the images were brilliant the lack of text made me flick through the book and spend less time on the work than I would of had they been anotated in some way. However the insight of how to present character designs and particularly 'set' designs are very useful reference to my project and definately give me ideas on how best to show my own work.

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  1. OMG!!!This is really awesome, I love the monster so much. I draw with pencil but now I am getting into digital drawing with photoshop. It is hard for me because I am not use to, but I love it!!!! Wonderful creature character